Jun 4, 2007

Golf Swing Analysis Software

Golf Swing Analysis Software (Free Download)

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Jun 1, 2007

Hole in One

Hole in One

It has been said that the probability of a hole
In one for golf is 1/12000. Since I play less
Than 30 rounds a year it would take me more
than 100 years to land a hole in one.

It was not a pleasant experience as I recall on
August 21, in the early morning, I was not
familiar with the TAO YUAN GOLF &
COUNTRY CLUB nor did I practice on the
driving range for a long time.
After losing 17 holes I stepped on the 9th hole
to tee off. I took out my number 8 iron kept my
head down and swing gently. The small white ball
hit the green and then rolled another 10 yards
and disappeared under the flag unexpectedly.

My god! Why did such a thing happen to me?
Who is confused extremely at that instant?
The experience was more alarming than being
caught cheating in a high school exam. What do
I do now I asked myself? I vaguely heard
the caddy say “I have never seen anyone look
like that after hit a hole in one”. I imagined
my mood at the time was like having a child out
of wedlock with friends and relatives falling over
each other to pass on the news of the miss
being passed from mouth to mouth until all the
neighbourhood was informed.

I recalled the elder’s speech in Lunar calendar
in July (this month is the vacation of ghost)
so I need to say thank to the God on the local
temple of land) and have to share my excitement
to other people.

I raised cash to the caddy “TIP”. To pay by credit
card for the lunch of about 50 members is easier
than to explain to my wife (who know nothing
about golf), She eager to know why not shot the
ball into the hole by twice, while hole in one need
spend big money to buy presents for other golfer?

In fact now I am not so worried about hole in one
again, It is familiar that one brings back to life
two times, Except that probability is not high,
and no need to explain to my wife again.
Now I just do not understand the majority of
people here think it is “disaster” incident, While
other country people think it is a great “dream “?