May 3, 2008

Hole in One Probability

Hole in One Probability
what are the odds that a person can get two holes in one
vs one in a lifetime of golf?

This is usually not the case.
In 3/22/2008 (the day of President election)
I got another hole in one on the same field of
Tao Yuan Golf Country Club, South #1

My eldest son said : If the probability of getting a
hole-in-one is P1 and the probability of getting a hole-in-one on
the second hole is P2, So the probability of getting two holes in one
is P1 x P2 which makes the cumulative probability
since both P1 and P2 are individually quite small.

But i think in most cases, past events do not make
future events more difficult. Getting one hole-in-one
does not make it any harder to get another