Jun 24, 2009

YouTube to AVI with no compression

In Some Condition, we need AVI file without any compression,

Please download:
1. the unzip software : http://www.7-zip.org/
2. Video convert software : http://ffdshow.faireal.net/mirror/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.rev9079.7z
3. Download software : http://roxsu.tw.googlepages.com/mydownload_e.7z

Use 7-Zip Unzip 2,3 software and save to the same file path like(D:\mydownload),
and run D:\mydownload\MyDownloader.App.exe

remark :
1. Please install Microsoft .Net FrameWork 2.0 or later version.
2. remember to Checked "Convert When done" and select AVI file type.

enjoy it :-)